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Lexile® Certification Course: WV is a Course

Lexile® Certification Course: WV



Full course description

Who Should Enroll:

Educators of students in Kindergarten through Grade 12, who want to learn how to leverage Lexile® measures and the tools on the Lexile® & Quantile® Hub to enhance student reading development. The Lexile & Quantile Hub is a convenient online platform that provides educators with easy access to more than a dozen reading and math tools and thousands of free resources to enhance student learning and accelerate growth. 

Course Description: 

The Lexile Certification Course is a self-paced, asynchronous professional development course on the Lexile® Framework for Reading. It provides in-depth information about the Lexile Framework for Reading, ranging from foundational knowledge and research to detailed examples of how to use the tools on the Lexile & Quantile Hub to make data-driven decisions that enhance instruction.

Participants in the Lexile Certification Course will:

  • Lead the way in delivering data-driven instruction using Lexile measures as a Certified Lexile Educator.

  • Leverage the award-winning tools on the Lexile & Quantile Hub to complete performance tasks that are aligned with real-life scenarios for immediate implementation. 

  • Collaborate with a professional learning community of educators to create classroom support materials and improve instructional planning with additional resources.

  • Develop strategies to communicate effectively with parents and peers on the significance of Lexile measures and best practices for classroom instruction.

What you'll learn: 

Learn how to use Lexile measures and the Lexile Framework for Reading to inform classroom instruction and put the Lexile & Quantile Hub tools to work. The course is divided into four distinct modules:


  • Module 1: Understanding the Lexile Framework for Reading

This module teaches foundational knowledge of the Lexile Framework for Reading and introduces the tools on the Lexile and Quantile Hub.


  • Module 2: Using Lexile Measures and Tools in the Classroom

This module guides educators through the process of using Lexile measures and the tools on the Lexile & Quantile Hub to create instructional groups and differentiate instruction.


  • Module 3: The Lexile and Quantile Growth Planners and Career Database

This module helps educators develop an understanding of how the Growth Planner can be used to estimate a student's growth path and how the entry-level reading and mathematics demands of careers are measured.


  • Module 4: Lexile Extensions, Advanced Classroom Applications and Communications


This module provides skills for communicating the knowledge gained in the course with parents and peers.

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